A Little Introduction.

I feel that it is only right that I start with a little introduction. It would be rude of me not to. I don’t want this to be too personal, this blog is meant to be about the world around me and not about me, although I will appear occasionally as a character living on the side.

So let us begin and get this over with. To earn that necessary of evils that is money I work in a hotel. I work in the food service side of the operation. Most of my life there seems to be spent interacting with members of the public, which always provides for an interesting experience. Although most of the time I find doing what I do rewarding it feels like it is only in an abstract way. I don’t complete a shift at work and feel truly happy that I have done something. Very rarely to I actually feel like I have particularly achieved anything.

What does give me a sense of achievement is writing. I love to write, the process of putting words on a page is something that feels almost magical. I get allot of pleasure out of writing almost anything. I especially like writing extended stories and poetry. In an ideal world I would write for a living, that is the only job I think that I would be able to say that I really enjoy. Maybe I’m wrong but I would like to have the chance to find out.

That really is the whole point of this blog. To give my writings some kind of purpose even it is only to put them in an isolated place in cyberspace. Hopefully it will also force me to write with some form of direction.

A Little now about what i enjoy reading, and therefore writing then i will wind this down before it becomes even more self indulgent than it already has. I love poetry of most kinds but I especially like the darker poetry of Baudelaire and Poe. Wilde has for a long time also been a favourite of mine. The short stories of H. P. Lovecraft have always fascinated me as have the stories of Poppy Z. Brite since their discovery. Really though I’ll read anything that I can find and I firmly believe that what we read influences us and our attitude towards the world around us.

The point of this blog is to tell about the world that I live in from my own point of view. Sometimes that view will be cynical, sometimes saddening and sometimes, i imagine, sickening. I hope that i can make the posts funny as I know that it is always good to laugh and usually the funniest thing is the world around us.

Anyway, enough. At last that is over with and the experience will never have to be repeated. I am not a star and only stars should talk about themselves too much, its their job. I only have a crispy finger but that is enough for me.

So goodbye for now.

Until next time i wish you good health and good experience.


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