Another Tantrum Liam?

July 22, 2009

On Tuesday night the Manchester born band Oasis played a concert at the Roundhouse in Camden. After only a short time their front man Liam Gallagher stormed off stage after telling the crowd “I hope you feel as uncomfortable as I do.” His brother, noel, who is obviously used to such outbursts from his younger sibling continued with the show stating “I think someone’s in a bad mood”.

The incident was brought about by people throwing beer onto the stage and at Gallagher himself. Personally I can understand why he walked off stage if indeed he had been targeted. The question here though is whether or not he was actually targeted or was it just a case of the rock star acting the prima donna. People have paid to see these artists perform and have a right to get what they pay for but at the same time the artists should and must be respected.

Although I was not myself present I imagine that it was only a few who threw anything in the direction of the stage. This means that once again it was the actions of the few that ruined the experience for others. This said, Liam’s older brother acted professionally and kept the show going by leading the crowd in a perfect rendition of The Masterplan. This paved the way for the younger Gallagher’s eventual return half an hour later.

Gallagher’s behaviour may be seen as inappropriate as people have paid money to see him perform. It is from these very people that he has made his living so in turn he should respect them. But no one, in the course of their working day should have anything thrown at them. Its something that people just should not have to put up with. This is a point that is often forgotten with musicians and also sportsman. They may be well paid for what they do but playing a concert is work to them just like going to the office is work to us.

Liam Gallagher however has a history of moody and abusive behaviour. This in turn must rub off onto his fans who will often try to emulate their hero’s behaviour. Does this mean that been abused himself is something that Liam Gallagher has brought on himself? Probably, but we must still ask whether or not it is right. The answer to this is that it is not right but it will persist to happen to performers such as Oasis because of the stupidity of the few and also due to the image that they themselves have constructed.

A final point must be made here regarding image. It can not be said that this incident will harm Gallagher or his band in any way. They seem to thrive on this sort of notoriety. They must surely know this. It will be interesting to see when the next such incident occurs. Maybe when there haven’t been too many headlines. Just a suggestion Mr. Gallagher.


Michael Jackson Was Royalty In A Republic.

July 10, 2009

He was known by many monikers, Wacko Jacko, The Gloved One and probably most appropriately, The King of Pop. Michael Jackson was many things to many people and I must say that I am not a fan of his and I never have been. All in all I believe the sense of global mourning has been overstated somewhat but also I believe that I understand why this has happened, why it had to happen.

Here in the UK we are a constitutional monarchy. This means that we have a royal family, a family that represents us as a nation. When a popular member of the royal family dies we feel a national sense of grief as if it is a member of our own family who has died.

The United States, been a republic, do not have such a family. To feel a true sense of patriotism they must feel a sense of national grief. To achieve this, subconsciously Americans have created a royal family of their favorite celebrities. They adorn them with royal titles, like the king of pop. There are several other celebrities who are part of this makeshift royal family. They are the elite and the people will mourn there passing.

When Princess Diana died in 1997 there was an instant massive outpouring of grief. The public in the UK where shocked by the sudden passing of a member of the royal family. This, even though she was actually an estranged member of that family. The once vilified princess became a national treasure over night. The same sense of grief washed over the nation when the queen’s mother died. This sense of grief was different to that felt by the loss of Diana however for one reason. People where able to prepare for this, they had seen it coming long before the event. But she had also been queen consort. She was as much at the core of the royal family as cheese is to Cheddar.

The same grief is now been felt in the US. They have lost a member of their royal family and they are grieving like the UK did Diana, through shock and surprise. But this is not the first time that America as lost a member of its royalty. One of the founding members of this family was Elvis Presley. When he died there was a similar sense of national loss. Thousands lined the streets outside Graceland as they did at Neverland and the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Both men were monarchs, both men were kings. Jackson was the king of pop and Presley was the king of rock ‘n’ roll,

All I hope for now is that the hysteria surrounding Michael Jackson calms down soon. That will be the only way that Mr. M. J. Jackson can rest in peace and his family can be left in peace.